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Denny's delivers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Santa Clarita served 24/7 at all five locations with special menus for Santa Clarita kids and seniors.

All 5 Santa Clarita Locations
VALUE: $10.00 YOUR COST: $5.00
Real breakfast in Santa Clarita is served 24/7 at all five locations
with special menus for Santa Clarita kids and seniors.
Denny's home of the famous "Grand Slam."

 Denny's Santa Clarita Locations
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Denny’s diner has been offering quality service in Santa Clarita with a breakfast, lunch and dinner and dessert menu served all around the clock and every day. With their extensive menu, family atmosphere and convenient location, Denny’s restaurant is the right choice when it comes to dining right.
Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Denny’s breakfast diner has been a household name with its affordable dining experience and menu including the famous  and popular “Grand Slam” breakfast meal and the $2 $4 $6 $8 value menu, select senior menus, kids menu, and “Fit Fare” healthy menu items.
With five Santa Clarita locations in Canyon Country, Valencia, Newhall and Castaic, visiting “America’s Diner” is easy since Denny’s  can be found at a location nearest you. Stop by at the following Santa Clarita locations nearest you:

NEWHALL25341 CHIQUELLA ( I-5 AND LYONS), Newhall, Ca(661)259-4415CANYON COUNTRY18932 Soledad Canyon Rd, Canyon Country, CA(661)252-9696CANYON COUNTRY18932 SOLEDAD CANYON ROAD, Canyon Country, CA(661)252-3902VALENCIA27541 WAYNE MILLS ROAD (I-5 AT MAGIC MOUNTAIN PARKWAY), Valencia, CA(661)253-3961CASTAIC31724 CASTAIC ROAD, Castaic, CA(661)775-2689
Come visit Denny’s breakfast diner and experience a fulfilling dining experience with exceptional and high-quality service and a delicious menu fit for the whole family. Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner or a healthy menu item or are trying to dine on a budget, Denny’s diner is the right place to dine right at a great price.
With its family atmosphere and guarantee of a high quality dining experience that sets it apart from other breakfast joints, you can’t go wrong with ending or starting your day with Denny’s.

VALUE: $10.00 YOUR COST: $5.00
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